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Orca, Issue 3, Winter 2020 is here!

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Use the links in the Table of Contents below to view selected stories and excerpts.

Issue 3 Table of Contents

Click the links for selected flash fiction and short story excerpts.

Three Idioms Reimagined as Short Fiction
Wild Things Flee
Lindy and the High Water Mark
July First and Last
Beach Drive
The media could play my mother
Donna alla finestra
Keeping You Good, Little Sister
Before Light
It’s Not Going to Get Better
Within the Woods
The Lake
She Turns
Firing Squad
Phyllum Down
A Real American Hero
A Mule of One’s Own

Editor’s Note:We do not Americanize spellings and grammar native to other English-speaking countries, but leave them in their original form in order to fully convey the voices of our authors.

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