About the Cover Artist – Issue 12

I am a visual storyteller, continually moved and inspired
by the magic of nature and the human spirit.

Those inspirations have led to a career for Kathleen Kinkopf that spans decades in the visual arts industry as a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, gallerist, and writer, exhibiting in dozens of solo and group shows in galleries across the country.

Kinkopf grew up in a Midwest town where being outdoors was a way of life. That early bond with nature continues to be a powerful influence in her work. Described as “Magical Realism” (which makes her work a perfect choice for an Orca cover), her paintings blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

Many of her pieces involve research into symbolism, myth­ology, cultural, and/or religious traditions before she begins painting. The compositions are planned on paper, then carefully drawn on a toned canvas background. Next she lays in overall darks and lights and then begins building areas of color. Her primary painting medium is acrylic, but in recent years she has incorporated metal leaf composite, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, and three-dimensional found objects.

In the past year, Kinkopf has taken a new visual journey through the artform of collage. These collages incorporate her own work with vintage imagery, photo­graphy, and graphic ele­ments. This new series has offered a new approach to her inter­pretation of nature, our place in the universe, the inspiration of our own powers and potential within, and the strength of women at the center of it all. This most recent series also inspired the creation of her first award-winning book, Inhabiting Bliss.

To view more of Kathleen’s work and her complete exhi­bition and awards history, or to email her, please visit kinkopfstudios.com. Inhab­iting Bliss is available on Amazon.