I Got Fired

Dany Mangrove

Lately, I have been thinking about drums
and how I want to go back in time
and stop myself from learning how to count
and how I want to replace this desk
suddenly, using a snap, with sand

In between my thighs lands a desert road
impossibly traveled, you would have to
believe in magic. Luckily, I do, believe in magic
and Emily Dickinson, and shrinking into the valleys
of a sidewalk crack, and ways out

Let me dance, let each grain of sand stay
on my legs as long as it wants. And
sand wants. I don’t know any better
way of wanting than becoming a foot step
toward the ocean. If I do, don’t laugh. If I do

Just remember how we used to celebrate
night because it gave us an excuse to build
a fire, and how we all oranged and crackled
in song, interrupting, perfect, fine
I guess, laugh, but then dance with me

Come to my reaching hand and forget
your name. Let the beat take all of you
and your attention. Become startled, tired
breathing, feet. Go nowhere, like me
but toward the boom boom boom

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Image by Julian Hacker from Pixabay