Issue 2 – Autumn 2019

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Issue 2 Table of Contents
A Season’s End, Adam Stemple
The Ross Barnett, Leslie Karen Lutz
Seashells, Xenia Taiga
The Lammergeier, Rosalind Goldsmith
Merlin Falcon, Kelle Schillaci Clarke
You Too, Amanda Gibson
Next of Kin, J.L. Nevole
Piano Hands, Cynthia Zhang
Cuts, D. Nolan Jefferson
Away Game in Monaco, Jacob van Berkum
Hand Over Fist, Marci Pliskin
The Great Unfold, S A Hartwich
Flat, Loria Mendoza
The Biographical College, Mary Grimm
Miranda’s Books, Thomas Wharton
I Tell Ada, Maggie Barnard
Bridge of the Hallelujahs, Sean Marciniak

Editor’s Note:We do not Americanize spellings and grammar native to other English-speaking countries, but leave them in their original form in order to fully convey the voices of our authors.