Issue 9 – Winter 2022

The Literary-Speculative Issue

In our last speculative issue most of the stories were science fiction. This time, many of the works lean toward fantasy, mythology (Greek, Irish, Japanese, and other), and horror. It’s not like we plan these things out; rather it’s that the submissions we receive adhere to a theory of currents. Just as some people believe there are currents or cycles in the flow of time, there seem to be ideas that occur simultaneously to many writers at once. Or maybe it’s us—having been impressed by a particular story, we become primed to look for others of a similar tone or genre.

An unusual topic, perhaps, to muse upon, but that’s where the mind can wander when gifted with a little extra time during the holidays. And speaking of which, the holidays are also a good time to read and to think and to wish good will and good health to others, particularly as we continue to cope with the Covid curse. (Which is not to say we are looking for submissions about Covid, however.) Anyway, the Orcans wish you a happy and productive New Year.

– Joe, Zac, Renee, Marci, David, Ronak, K.A., Jacob, and Tommy

Table of Contents (click the links for stories and excerpts)

The Trade, Erin MacNair
A Brief History of Dowsing, Jaq Evans
Somewhere in Layers, Cristina Trapani-Scott
Pomegranate, Joshua Jones Lofflin
Wax, Ruth McAuliffe
The Toad Catcher’s Wife, Dawn Vogel
The Lights Above, Sarah Hozumi
My Púca, Mary Rohrer-Dann
An Uncanny Vacation, Travis Roberson
More, Redfern Jon Barrett
Guesthouse, Christi Nogle
Bleeding Light, Richard Holinger
The Other Side of Things, A.L. Rowser
The Sins That Sink Us, Laura Kincaid
Rare Creatures, Lee Kelly
The Lights of Passing, Frances Koziar

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Editor’s Note: We have not Americanized spellings and grammar native to other English-speaking countries, but have left them in their original form in order to fully convey the voices of our authors.