Max Sang the Blues

Nathan Nicolau

max sang the blues while moose the mooche got off easy speeding through every red light in LA to the convenience store for Slurpees taquitos and redemption max and moose go way back 15 minutes ago at one of those classic California shindigs where you had to know someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew you even though they still get your name wrong and it’s only 3 letters pick your favorite bebop tune nothing under 250 bpm moose rattled like a Keuro-hack character jump jivin’ about cat’s swingin’ turkey talk about wickywickywhackywoo women over a slow risin’ mornin’ and don’t forget the cigarette lucky strikes as always max didn’t want the blues but who does moose is on the hov lane scatting away a bird line backwards talking about drugs he’s never taken and fights he wish he had max just wished he’d shut up but moose was the guy who knew someone who knew someone who knew max so it’s too late now they’re on the hov lane you ain’t never had to cry baby don’t start cryin’ now

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Image by jamesbisset from Pixabay