About Orca

Orca is about fiction. Short stories and flash. We are a literary journal and we believe in the literary style of writing. We are open to any topic, as long as it’s written in a literary style. We are open to all writers, without prejudice or preference. We seek work that is high concept: imaginative, thoughtful, even speculative, open to possibilities. Give us deep, diverse characters. Blend genres. Connect seemingly disparate ideas. Keep it entertaining, but make us think.

Orca is published three times a year, in March, July, and November.

All the work we publish comes through the submission portal.

Although we are relatively new, our fiction has already been honored with a reprint in the anthology Best Canadian Stories 2020, forthcoming this fall.

Fiction published in Orca may also be nominated for anthologies such as Best American Short Stories, Best Small Fictions, the Pushcart Prize, and others.

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