Feedback Me!

We offer feedback on your submission for $12. Either two members of our reading staff, or one senior editor will read and comment to help you see why your story was or wasn’t selected for further consideration. More than just, “it wasn’t a good fit,” the comments will strive to provide constructive criticism and indicate areas of the story that might be revised.

Although the price is less than what many other literary journals charge for this service, it doesn’t mean our criticism will be any less in depth. In fact, most feedbacks run from 400 to more than 1000 words. We are truly committed to helping writers understand not only literary craft, but how Journal staffs review submissions in their decision-making process.

Feedback Me! submissions are considered expedited, and you should receive a response within two weeks. We do not at this time offer feedback on Nonfiction submissions.

Feedback on our Feedback:
Here is what some of our Feedback Me! recipients said about our service.

Thank you so much for your detailed description of how I can improve this story and my writing. This is the best feedback I have received, and I have both a teacher and a critique group.
– Patricia Ljutic

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Your feedback has been incredibly helpful. The distilled comments and some of the observations about character have helped me in the revision process. The last few months I managed to sell a couple stories to some iconic spec fiction magazines and I’m certain your feedback helped. Thanks again.
– Rajeev Prasad

Thank you so much for the invaluable feedback! I appreciated the accessible price and avenue for this submission, as a lot of editorial feedback falls in the range of 20 – 30 dollars. I wanted to express my thanks as this is some of the first in depth feedback I’ve received and it is incredibly useful to me.
– Maddie Vickers

To receive feedback on your submission select the checkbox when you submit your story on Submittable.

Please note: Our feedback will be based on the portion of the submission actually read. For flash, and for some short stories that will mean the entire story. For other short stories it may be as little as three pages (but never less). Our editorial philosophy is that if a short story has not captured the reader’s interest after three pages, it is not a candidate for publication, and our staff readers can recommend it for decline.