Issue 1 – Spring 2019

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Table of Contents

Scientifically Mapping a Missed Attraction;Saudade, Teffy Wrightson
Alien Corn, Christie B. Cochrell
No Cream, No Sugar, Justin Herrmann
Inside the Zone, Catherine Browder
Like the Austin Night, A Thirst, Stephanie Dickinson
Robin and the Pronoun They, Amanda Yskamp
And We Screamed, Tamika Thompson
Summer of Signs in the Sky; Through Snowdrifts, Translation of Lidia Kosk by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka
Gauguin Again, Pavle Radonic
Immovable Subject; Substratum, Conor Watson
The Broken Logic of the Universe, Will Cordeiro
Beggar by Day, Diana Amsterdam
Laundromat, Stefen Styrsky
No Woman, No Cry, Joe Yoshya Vickers
One Man Away, Siamak Vossoughi
Daughter of Cups, K. Dunnion
The Raspberry Man, Melissa Juchniewicz