Issue 13 – Spring/Summer 2023

Issue 13:

The Literary-Speculative Issue

Much of the fulfillment readers and editors of literary journals experience comes from publishing the work of writers who are as yet unknown, but whom we believe will go on to successful, maybe famous, careers in the industry. It’s why we do what we do (because it sure ain’t for the money). While not every author included in this issue may achieve that level, we believe they deserve it. We think it’s one of our best, and we hope, after reading the stories, that you agree.

A new feature: Since we receive submissions and publish stories from authors around the world, in this issue we’ve added countries or states of origin to the beginning of each published piece.

– Joe, Zac, Renee, and the Orca staff

Table of Contents (click the links for stories and excerpts)

About the Cover Artist
Power, Sway Benns
Redbuds, Karen Chaffee
Plastic, YJ Jun
If She Got Away, Francesca Leader
Fossils, Pauline Holdsworth
Particle, Christine Fischer Guy
Between Two Waves, Katie Cervenec
The Nightingale Upon a Well-Sewn String, Ella T. Holmes
The Elf Queen of New Orleans, Greta Hayer
That Which Rises, K. Wallace King
Signs of Damage, Stacy Trautwein Burns
Playground Games (Double-Dutch), Gina Thayer
First Family of Mars, Libby Cudmore
The Last Addict, Sam Asher

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Editor’s Note: We have not Americanized spellings and grammar native to other English-speaking countries, but have left them in their original form in order to fully convey the voices of our authors.